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Early Intervention Services

Community Connections Healthcare Services recognizes the importance of providing prompt care to clients to prevent aggravation of symptoms. Mental health is one of the most difficult to treat, considering how totally dependent the determination of treatment is to the cooperation of the client and his family.

CCHS pays special attention to infants and their families. Performing early interventions will help the families enhance the development of their infant and the toddler members with disabilities, lower their expenses for special education, promote better independent living, reduce the need for institutionalization, and promote their coping abilities especially as their infant members grow.

On the part of the children, they will be able to enjoy better social and emotional relationships as they grow older. Through the use of adequate speech therapy and specialized instruction, infant clients will acquire techniques on how to use knowledge and skills effectively. They will also learn how it is to act properly during specific situations, especially those entailing stress.

To carry out the necessary procedures, a thorough screening test will be performed. This will involve looking at how the child is growing and learning. The child’s cognitive, physical, communicative, social or emotional, and adaptive skills will be assessed. Then, the experts together with the family will coordinate to formulate an appropriate plan of care for the child client.

Rest assured that CCHS has the right experts to help out with your early intervention needs. After all, the health of the community greatly depends on how each family is doing. We make sure families are empowered when it comes to making independent decisions pertaining to their health.

To properly discuss your options with us, kindly contact us.

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