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How is the Registered Behavior Technician training structured?
We combine a 40hr course with personalized training designed by our very own training team.
Does the RBT position require driving skills?
Yes, because RBTs may travel from multiple locations depending on their clients’ locations.
What are the requirements for the RBT position?
  • At least a college graduate
  • Complete a series of courses on basic ABA content
  • Demonstrate the ability to implement procedures commonly used in ABA
What are the benefits of the RBT position?
  • Student Supervision
  • Professional Development
What are the requirements for BCBAs?
  • Hold a master’s degree
  • Completed a series of graduate-level courses on ABA approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB), which is the organization in charge of credentialing for the field of applied behavior analysis
  • Demonstrated the ability to use the principles of ABA effectively in a university practicum or supervised fieldwork experience
  • Pass an exam based on standards outlined by the BACB
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